Friday, January 18, 2008

I love this performance, some of my favorite artists: Carrie Underwood, Josh Groban, and *sigh* Michael Buble with Tony Bennett. This is dream come true song for me. I wish this song would come out on iTunes, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Enough of the talk, enjoy!

I would love to go to Japan to eat sushi and collect cute things. I'm talking about Hello Kitty toasters and plates with panda cartoons on them. The ridiculously cute, unnecessary things that you rarely find here. Target comes pretty close sometimes, just the other day I got a dog collar with cupcakes on it :) I found a fun website that sells imported Japanese items.

Cute erasers although I never use pencils.

A towel disguised as a cake. Wouldn't it be great if these stayed warm, perfect for a cold winter day.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Talk about luxury, Louis Vuitton has this gorgeous travel book, sold out worldwide. This is a major inspiration book for me, sold!

I thought the latter half of my summer was going to be spent lounging in Magnolia, Texas. Thank goodness I am going on vacation!

Five years ago I vowed to not return to Cambodia until the day scientists could reverse global warming. And now I am all in a mad, excited frenzy to go back. Malaria, yellow fever, hep A --- check! Excessive sweating, dehydration --- check! I have a pile of dresses, my ghetto fab baby phat sunglasses I hope I do not break some where along the trip, and of course half a suitcase of shoes since they do not carry my shoe size.

Honestly I am most excited to spend time with my family. This past year I have spent countless hours on the phone with mom and briefly seeing my cousins and family during holidays. I'm a family girl and I am up for my parent's crazy antics again. I am not however looking forward to carrying a chubby baby across the Pacific or dealing with a three year old. That's why I bought candy. Kids listen to candy. Talk about culture shock, my grandparents are going to be so surprised to see their half German grandchildren for the first time. So surprised considering that they don't know we are coming!!

Austin has also been a heck of a good time. Linh and I have pretty much crossed out most of the restaurants on our to-eat list. We have also accomplished our get drunk in 2006 new year's resolution. Yes 2006. And we have nearly achieved domestic goddess status with our mad cooking skills. All you need is EVOO and whole lotta love.

And I have to say this for the record. Although I wish I had known sooner and started something a week + before I left austin for good, I am whole heartedly glad that it did happen. Blushes, kisses, hugs, and a wink ---

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In another life I would be a magazine editor (for Domino Mag of course)... have an eye for layout, a creative angle on photo shoots and home fashion spreads. What catches my eye is exotic prints and unexpected mix and match ensembles. I especially love to make use of things I own, so naturally when I came across this photo I thought of the black and white silk canopy I made for my loft:

Isn't this very beach-y chic :)

I sold everything, a fresh start! So it's time to get inspired on some new ideas for my new apartment. I am in need of my own sewing machine. I got a new pocket notebook for the summer already filled with clippings and some sketches... this room screams Nancy!!: